Kind Words for Rebecca

“[Rebecca] has a natural ability to analyze a flow of a space and find her place within it...She’s confident and direct, reliable and compassionate.”  -Gwendolyn

"The journey to hire a doula can be overwhelming and a bit intimidating. Rebecca was the fourth doula we interviewed and we could immediately sense her lack of judgement, her heart’s desire to support us both, and her overall kind nature. Throughout our pregnancy, labor, and delivery, Rebecca provided us with a toolbox of strategies to help us manage physical pain and any anxieties we had. Rebecca was able to give respite to both of us as during labor and afterwards helped us to process our birth. Rebecca provided support to us postpartum by providing a list of professionals who could help ease our transition to parenthood. In addition, she typed up the most amazing letter to our daughter about her birth. It is a keepsake we will treasure forever. We will definitely be using Rebecca for our next baby."

     -Katy and Robbi

"Rebecca brought joy, peace, and a lack of judgment to our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. When our OB made the decision to induce labor, Rebecca helped us to know what to expect and any challenges we might face. With Rebecca’s support, we felt prepared every step of the way. At the birth, Rebecca’s presence had a calming influence, making pushing and delivery as painless and peaceful as possible. When we struggled with breastfeeding, Rebecca eased our anxiety by quickly following up and providing us with helpful information and referrals. It was a great feeling knowing that we had Rebecca in our corner as someone we trust to turn to with our (many!) questions. Working with Rebecca was one of our best decisions!"

      -Darlena and Ergys

"Rebecca was the doula we had always hoped for. from our first meeting, I knew that Rebecca would be a wonderful addition to our birth team. my husband and I enjoyed our pre-labor meetings with her. both meetings helped us to feel more comfortable with Rebecca and the birth process overall. when 41 weeks rolled around without a baby, it was nice to have someone to text for quick reassurances that all was ok. my labor story is a quick one. I woke up with contractions at 2 am and our baby boy was born before sunrise. Rebecca was up and made it to the hospital in record time and made it just in time for me to push. though quick, I was so happy to have someone at my side to help with water, motivation, reassurance, and guidance so that my husband could be my husband and ultimately DAD. I would recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for extra birth support." 


"Your ability to ride the line of professional and personal mixed with the most poised character is something I aspire to have. Your attention to detail will take you very far and provide comfort to so many people." -Elliot

"10/10 Rebecca is an all-star Doula - Highly Recommend

   In every area, she went above and beyond in an absolutely heroic manner. Pre/post-birth, ease of contact, professionalism, flexibility, birth coaching, I literally couldn’t imagine a better doula.

   Her pre-birth visits were incredibly informative, fun and useful. She’s very accessible It was very easy to contact her and set up meeting times, she was also very flexible and willing to travel a super long distance, just to meet us in our home.

   Our labor was 60 hours and she was there as a wonderful supportive anchor the entire time! She coached my Wife superbly through the birth pains and helped speak with the midwife/nurses/doctors to address our concerns and birth plan.

   She worked well with our parents. Both supporting them, and having fun with them and making sure they weren’t to worry and generally being a good buffer. She was on our team in our corner and a perfect ally.

   Postpartum was fantastic, she followed up like a boss and made sure to maintain contact with us to support in the transition to parenthood, she also wrote out our birth story for us! At the end of the day, she became a great friend and we certainly will work with her with our next child."

       -Angie and Quentin

    "We were incredibly happy and grateful to have Rebecca Kaye as our doula for the birth of our baby girl. From the very start, Rebecca was open, very responsive, grounded and supportive. For our pre and post partum visits Rebecca was always right on time and prepared. She led us through some helpful exercises, aiding us in revealing what our birth preferences would be. We always felt we could express ourselves freely, and that she was always focused on what was best for our family. Her background in nutrition was beneficial as well, and she makes a wonderful Mother's Milk tea blend!

    For us it was really important to have someone as a doula who would come from a centered, calm space, and from a space of total non-judgment. Rebecca does just that, all while have a sense of levity and humor as well. We already have a four-year old, and she was so good with listening to him and including him in a way to get him excited about baby's arrival. I should also mention that her organization skills came in very handy at the post-partum visits, when I was unable to do much physically.

    When you hire Rebecca as your doula, you can rest assured that she will be a great support throughout this incredible life event."

        -Melineh and Amanda

"Rebecca is phenomenal. Her tender and skillful approach was an absolutely vital component of my pregnancy and birth. From my initial consultation with Rebecca, she assured me that my individual needs and concerns would be heard and explored. I would send any of my friends or family to Rebecca and Upright Doula for a professional and caring experience. Thank you Rebecca!" -Madison

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